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But you simply don’t have the time to stay current with the latest marketing trends. Anything you come across seems tailored to Fortune 100 companies (especially their marketing budgets!) & you’re not quite sure how to decipher this to your small business. Now, imagine knowing not only exactly what the emerging trends are -- but how to practically apply those to your own small business. Well, there’s no need to imagine! Keep scrolling for the D&Co 2019 Marketing Trends.


You’re probably thinking, so what the heck are these trends? We’ve combed through numerous sources and have distilled down the best, most relevant articles for you. Check out the trends and our actionable next steps you can apply to your business right now.

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Creativity → Differentiation

Creativity will be the key to differentiation. What do we mean by this? In this Forbes article, a company actually mailed out a physically newsletter to their customers when everyone else was using digital methods. The campaign was super successful - why? Because they really stood out. So what does this mean for you? Connect and surprise your audiences in ways they didn’t expect but would absolutely LOVE to receive information. This might even mean that old school marketing tactics (e.g. physical mailers, postcards, etc.) will be making a comeback.

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Relationships matter.

Establish and flourish relationships with your customers. Your marketing funnel will change — in fact, we’ll throw the funnel away altogether and focus on more of an ongoing cycle (check out the McKinsey Loyalty Loop). Why does this matter? Well, for starters it’s cheaper for your business. This HBR article indicates that acquiring a new customer is anywhere between 2 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Lastly, but certainly not least, we believe it’s good business. When you take the time to get to know your customers, build relationships with them you can better serve their unique needs and truly add value.  

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Authenticity > Automation

Authenticity will become increasingly more important than automation. But wait, everyone keeps telling me that automation is key! What gives? People like buy from people (particularly those they like). They want to know that there is a real, live human somewhere at the other end of the cloud. Don’t get me wrong, automation isn’t going anywhere. It truly helps small businesses scale up in a very efficient and effective when. But how we apply automation to our business processes needs to be carefully considered so we don’t lose the best quality of being a small business owner -- the close connections we can make with our customers!

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Content Marketing = Marketing

This Forbes article predicts that content marketing will become marketing. What does this mean? Why is this so important? It goes without saying that technology and social media have completely changed how we (as consumers) interact with brands. Our expectations have dramatically changed. Not only are consumers increasingly more technologically savvy than ever before, they crave real, honest two-way dialogue with businesses at all levels. Transactions are now exchanges. Content marketing can facilitate that every step of the way.

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Distribution → Success

We can’t say this enough: you need to know your customers. You need to figure out how your customers communicate, what they expect from a company, product or service and where they want to receive information (note: we didn’t just say where they spend their time, you need to be connecting with them where they want). Distribution is a massive driver for success. Long story short, you could have the most incredible message in the world, but that content marketing is useless if no one else sees it. This is where social trends can be super important (bonus trend: micro-brands will dominate Instagram. read more)

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Strategy is essential.

Jumping straight into implementing marketing tactics without doing your due diligence to create a strategy is the equivalent to interior decorating a room before the foundation of the house is even laid. Strategy can seem fluffy at first, but it serves as a blueprint to keep you and your employees focused on achieving your goals and can even help to prioritize which of those tactics are the most important. We know that content creation and distribution is incredibly powerful, but these tactics still need a guiding strategy to maximize the effect as well as track progress.


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