D&Co Recommends: Moo

We absolutely love MOO. We've used a variety of MOO products, mostly business cards and mailer options. We are particularly in love with their square business card option (see below). Surprisingly, their most basic 'Original Business Card' option has very premium quality material and printing. Every time we give one of our D&Co business cards away, we always get a compliment! 


Why do you like MOO? 

D&Co loves the aesthetic, material and print quality of MOO products. We feel that the company provides a very sophisticated selection of products and custom services. Even if you aren't a designer, they have beautifully designed templates that you can leverage. 


What should I try out? 

We particularly love their business cards, although we've also ordered some very premium quality square mailers for our clients. We'd suggest starting off with business cards and then venturing out to some of their other marketing materials. We've been toying with the idea of getting some notebooks printed soon. 


Anything else I should keep in mind?

While they aren't the cheapest option around, the barrier to entry is still relatively low. For instance you can get 50 business cards for less than $20 and they usually have sales running that provide even more of a discount. Shipping can add up, so keep you eye on any offers for that or consider purchasing a higher volume of product to make the shipping worth it.