You're an independent contractor sick of inconsistent and cheap jobs

Imagine if clients were dying to work with your incredible brand and you didn't have to get into a bidding war. Imagine that you could sleep better at night knowing that you have a bunch of fun and exciting jobs lined up, just waiting for you to get started. 


an international 8 week program designed to help


GIG is a 8-week program designed to help you translate your services into a sought-after and profitable brand. As a member of this program you will receive the following benefits: 

Weekly Virtual Sessions

  • Once a week (for 8 weeks) we will host virtual group sessions with fellow creative freelancers from around the world.
  • Meetings are virtual, so you can check in from anywhere you're at around the world (even in your PJ's!). We'll make every effort to send a playback if you can't make it. 
  • Every session is 1 hour long and structured with specific topics or guest speakers (see below for topic schedule). 
  • We keep these group sizes small so your voice can be heard. 
  • This is an enlightening and empowering experience where you will get real answers to real problems. 

Guest Speakers

  • For relevant topics, we'll pull in the experts from around the world to share their own personal experiences. 
  • Every guest speaker has a direct interest, passion and value-add expertise for independent freelancers. 

Community & Collaboration

  • In addition to the 8 week program, you will have LIFETIME access to a community of international creative freelancers, just like you
  • We will also conduct peer-to-peer portfolio reviews and asset specific pieces of work if you do not have a portfolio. 

Week 1

Welcome & Intros. We'll get to know each other, discuss why you joined and what you'd like to get out of GIG.

Week 2

Identifying your services. What do you have to offer? We'll explore some additional personalized monetization strategies. 

Week 3

Operations. Now that we've nailed down what you're offering, we need to discuss how you're going to do it in an efficient way. 

Week 4

Personal branding. Why is this important? We'll discuss that and start to develop your unique personal brand values. We'll also discuss a bit about positioning.


Week 5 

Pricing and Selling. You have your brand and your services ready to go, but they need to sell otherwise this is just a really great idea! We'll discuss some selling tips and various pricing strategies.

Week 6

Translating your brand into your visual identity. During this session, we'll discuss a process for you to dress for success. We'll also review other areas that you can visually implement your brand. 

Week 7

Planning for your future and your personal finance. During this session, we'll have a guest speaker discuss some unique ways to consider investing in your future and making your money work harder for you. 

Week 8

Open. We leave some flexibility in the schedule to rearrange topics based on the highest priority to you. Additionally, we leave room to add in new topics based on what you want to learn more about.

The next session starts in Summer 2017 and spaces are limited. Get on the waiting list now by registering your email address.


The investment to join the 8-week GIG membership is only $15 per week. 
If you can pay in full, total price is only $90 (that's $30 in savings!).

Use code EARLYBIRD and receive 30% off when you register before the timer goes out (Dec 16, 2016, 11:59P EST).

When paying for the above services, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Dalziel & Company. 

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Jess, Graphic Designer


We've worked closely with and chatted to a lot of freelancers in the industry. Sometimes, they might say "working online isn't right for me." Fair enough, I get it. I love face-to-face interactions as well and someday we hope to expand the program enough to offer in person meet ups. Until then, we want to offer something that can reach our global network of freelance workers in the creative services industry. 

"But, what can you really help me with?!"  I get it! I turn to YOU for help in executing my clients' creative work. However, it was a huge misconception for me to assume that because these experts I was working so closely with knew how to design, they fully understood the strategy behind branding. Or business operations. Or pricing. We have a unique operational and business background that will take transform your services into a micro-business.

If all else fails, we still got you covered. If you cancel by January 5, 2017 we will give you a full refund. 


  • Are you currently doing freelance work? (even if it's not full time)
  • Are you motivated? 
  • Are you in the creative services or marketing industry? 

Then, this program is RIGHT for you. This program is ideal for motivated independent freelancers in the marketing/ creative services industry who are ready to make contract work their full-time gig. You don't need to be a designer either, you can be a project manager, strategist or any other specialist who has a service to offer the marketing industry. 

At the completion of our 8-week program, you will walk away with:


    • A better understanding of how to automate business processes so that you can focus on what you do best - CREATE! 
    • A stronger BRAND and portfolio of work showcasing exactly what clients are looking for
    • How to better approach pricing your services so you earn even more and avoid bidding wars 
    • A network of motivated creative peers from around the world that you can continue to collaborate with (FOR LIFE!)


    Good question. Yes, well at least I hope I am! I've helped a lot of clients build their brands and improve their operational processes. Leveraging those same principles, I've applied the key learnings to help YOU improve your own micro-business personal brand.

    In addition to helping lots of small business clients with Dalziel & Company, I also have over 10 years of experience in various roles at advertising and marketing agencies serving global brands. I also recently earned my MBA from Trinity College in Dublin. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile too.

    All in all, a study predicts that by 2020 an estimated 40% of the US workforce will be comprised of the 'gig' economy. This means competition is about to get REAL and I'm here to help you rise above bidding wars, maintain integrity and quality of your work and create an operational process that streamlines all of the stuff that takes you away from doing what you do best!


    Still not convinced?

    Shoot me an email an I'll answer any questions: