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Imagine if you could walk into any job you desired because you have the confidence to apply your experience in this ever-changing economyImagine that you had additional revenue in retirement to do the things you really want to do


a 6 week program designed to give you the tools and confidence to translate your unique experience into the opportunities of today.


GIG: Mature is an 6 week program that runs completely virtually (don't worry, it's super easy and we'll guide you through everything!). As a GIG: Mature participant you will receive the following benefits: 

6 Weekly Group Sessions 

  • Once a week (for 6 weeks) we will host virtual sessions with fellow retired professionals from around the world.
  • Meetings are virtual, so you can check in from anywhere you're at around the world. We'll make every effort to send a recorded video of the session if you are unable to attend a meeting. 
  • Every session is 1 hour long and structured with specific topics or guest speakers. 
  • We keep these group sizes small so your voice can be heard. 
  • This is an enlightening and empowering experience where you will get real answers to the actual problems you are facing. 
  • For relevant topics, we'll pull in the experts from around the world to share their own personal experiences. Every guest speaker has a direct interest, passion and expertise that will give you value. 

Week 1

Welcome and Introductions. During this session we'll get to know each other and discuss your individual goals for this program. 

Week 2

What is the gig economy? It's more than just a buzz word. We'll discuss what this is and the relevance in today's workforce. 

Week 3

What value can you provide? In this session, we will analyze your unique experiences and translate to today's economy.  


Week 4

Personal Branding. What is it anyway? Is this even relevant to working if I'm looking for a job with a company? Yes, in today's world it's a growing necessity. We'll talk you through why and how to identify your personal brand.

Week 5

Technology. After we've established your next career goals and your personal brand, we'll discuss the various places where you can apply these learnings online. We'll also audit your LinkedIn profile and make relevant changes.

Week 6

Open: we do leave some flexibility in the schedule to rearrange topics based on the highest priority to you. Additionally, we leave room to add in new topics based on what you want to learn more about.

The next cohort will begin in Summer 2017. Register with your email address now, as space is limited.


The investment to join the GIG: Mature 6 Week Program is only $10 per week.  If you pay weekly, we will automatically deduct the payment each week from the date you make the first payment for a total of 6 payments. 
If you can pay in full in advance, the price is only $50 for the entire program.

When paying for the above services, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Dalziel & Company. 


You spoke and we listened. Some people -- just like you -- have shared some concerns about starting a program. Sometimes, they might say "working online isn't right for me" -- we understand. I love face-to-face interactions as well and someday we hope to expand the program enough to offer in person networking opportunities. Until then, we want to offer something that can reach a global network of experienced professionals, all looking to reengage back into the workplace. We'll walk you through the digital world step-by-step and when you're done you will have successfully completed an online program!

"You just mentioned that I'm experienced, what can you really teach me?" I completely understand this one. I'm nowhere near retirement. How could I possibly help guide you through the current marketplace? Here's how I will help you, what I have done is spent the past decade understanding emerging technologies and how it impacts my clients and the brands I help build. Those same principles can be seamlessly translated to your situation. Essentially we are 're-branding' your unique skills and translating it into today's marketplace.  

If all else fails, we still have you covered.
If you cancel before January 31, 2017 we will give you a full refund. 


  • Are you an experienced individual who believes you have value to offer? 
  • Are you nearing retirement and want to keep additional revenue streams going? 
  • Are you motivated and willing to learn?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, this program is RIGHT for you. This program is ideal for motivated and experienced retirees or people nearing retirement who want to re-join or continue in today's workforce. 

At the completion of our 6-week program, you will walk away with:


    • A better understanding of how to 're-brand' your services so companies today recognize and appreciate the value you will bring. 
    • A personal brand that will make you more marketable in today's workforce.
    • How your services might translate to the growing gig economy. 
    • More familiarity with various technical tools that will help promote your 'personal brand'. 
    • An updated LinkedIn profile. 
    • A network of motivated peers from around the world that you can continue to collaborate with (FOR LIFE!)


    Good question. I hope so -- and I'll let you be the judge! I've helped a lot of clients build their brands and improve their brand image. Leveraging those same principles, I've applied the key learnings to help YOU build a personal brand (or in this case, rebrand your skill set) appropriate for the needs of today's economy. 

    In addition to helping lots of small business clients with Dalziel & Company, I also have over 10 years of experience in various roles at advertising and marketing agencies serving global brands. I also recently earned my MBA from Trinity College in Dublin. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile too.

    All in all, a study predicts that by 2020 an estimated 40% of the US workforce will be comprised of the 'gig' economy. This means competition is about to get REAL and I'm here to help you rise above bidding wars, maintain your integrity and above all -- demonstrate the value you offer.


    Still not convinced?

    Shoot me an email an I'll answer any questions: