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With this option, you will hand over the reins to our trusted experts and in turn, we will provide you with an actionable, comprehensive, detailed strategic marketing guidelines report.

With your input we will analyze your industry, positioning and existing customer base, identifying new segmenting opportunities as needed. Our detailed guidelines includes tactics that you can implement immediately, as well as more involved, longer-term projects.

This service is ideal for small business owners who are looking to have a cohesive marketing strategy in their hands and start executing on those ideas ASAP. 

During our first session, we will gather information from you that we will evaluate and leverage for the strategic marketing guidelines -- this is what makes it unique to your business! This session can be held over the phone. Reports are typically delivered 10-14 business days after that consult. Save $100 when you pay in full. By submitting a payment, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Dalziel & Company. 

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