You’re feeling frustrated. You already spend a considerable amount of time on your business and now stress is setting in because you’re desperately trying to figure out how to scale and get paid. Given the volume of information out there, it can feel difficult to decipher which strategies are the right ones for your unique business.

Jessica has worked with a diverse portfolio of ambitious brands that are ready to scale. Her insights are industry agnostic and personalized to each unique business. The professionals she works with are ready for growth. After understanding your company's unique goals, Dalziel & Company will design a customized 6-month plan and guide you every step along the way.  This consultation is designed only for ambitious & dedicated small business owners, who are not afraid to take action — make an investment in themselves and their thriving business. Serious inquiries only, please.

... every time I talk with Jessica I feel a deep sense of calm, clarity, and empowerment. She has helped define a path forward for my company and I am truly thankful for her expertise!
— Allison



This high-touch program is focused solely on your unique business needs. There is no one-size-fits-all formulaic approach that is guaranteed to work for everyone. That's exactly why we will kick off the consultation program with a deep dive session where you will divulge all of the details (e.g. the good, the bad, the ugly) -- and even the aspirations you have for your business.

After we understand your business goals and assess the current status of your company, we will create a loose plan that will guide both of us through the next few months in working together (we say 'loose' because sometimes we know things change and that means we need to pivot). Then, we get to work!



  • Work directly with D&Co founder, Jess.

  • Six month subscription (min).

  • Bi-weekly sessions, held via video conference.

  • Tailor-made consultation plan.

  • Opportunity for creative execution (if required, additional charges may apply).


  • Ongoing insights during 6-month subscription.

  • Unlimited email support during subscription.

  • Private text/ phone call access (US only).

  • Dedicated ‘Client Partner’ App (Launching Soon).

  • Opportunity to join an exclusive D&Co Peer Advisory Group cohort — for free!


  • Articulate core brand values.

  • Identify unique positioning.

  • Evaluations, pinpointing areas for improvement.

  • Framework to design your unique marketing strategy.

  • Immediate tactical recommendations.

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The investment for this program is $1,775 USD per month. After submitting your first payment, your card on file will be be automatically charged monthly for 6 months in total on the date that you first submit payment. By submitting a payment, you're accepting our Terms & Conditions

Jeanne Reilly, RD

Jeanne Reilly, RD

Jessica has come up with ways to market and promote my company that I never could have imagined or executed on my own.
— Jeanne


Drop your email in the form here and I would be happy to contact you directly and schedule time to discuss this program or any questions you might have. By submitting your email here, you will not be added to any kind of email marketing lists.