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Being a small business owner (even if you have a staff!) can be very isolating. D&Co has been in business for a few years and part of our success can be directly attributed to the support and help that founder, Jess received from her incredible network of professional peers. Eager to bring this support to as many people as possible she formalized this program with a small private cohorts of highly professional experts with complementary skills and experience levels. Once a month, we meet to discuss challenges in our business that we’re currently facing or to even get a second opinion. Here’s how this works

  • After you join, you’ll be placed in a small cohort of professional experts. There are about 5-6 people per group.

  • Once a month for one hour, we all meet on Google Hangouts video chat and discuss a topic that we’ve all previously agreed upon.

  • We carry the conversation over on a private Slack channel and you can contribute as often as you’d like.

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cohort 1 | beta


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cohort 3 | beta


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cohort 2 | beta



Cohort 4

launching in november

We will beginning charging a membership fee with Cohort 4, launching in November 2018. If you are interested in joining Cohort 4, please click on the link above to submit your interest and we will provide you with pricing details.