Thanks for stopping by, we know your time is stretched thin. In addition to managing almost every aspect of your business, you're struggling to stay up-to-date with the best marketing tactics for your brand. It can be challenging to piece all of these concepts together in a cohesive manner. You know you want to grow but can’t take the time away from your work to figure out how. Larger agencies can certainly create this overarching strategy, but they can be very costly. 

Dalziel & Company solves this. 

Leveraging her unique experience in strategy and operations, Jessica founded Dalziel & Company to make premium marketing services accessible to small businesses, just like you. When you work with Dalziel & Company your firm will have access to a network of hand-selected, seasoned industry professionals from around the world. Let's make your marketing work harder for you, so you can get back to focusing on what you want to do. 

All the best, 

Jessica Dalziel Founder, Dalziel & Company

Jessica Dalziel
Founder, Dalziel & Company



Over the past decade, Jessica partnered with clients from a multi-faceted global portfolio of corporate, mid-size and micro brands. She has directed every phase of a project from preliminary strategizing to post-launch maintenance. In 2011, she founded an independent e-Commerce business Wicked Candle. Jessica also holds an MBA from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and has an undergraduate degree in Advertising Communications from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. 


Dalziel & Company has built a diverse network of highly skilled experts and unique collaborations with company from around the world with the mission: to grow your brand. We save you money while maintaining premium quality by strategically outsourcing to our hand-selected trusted experts. Meet some of our featured experts: