Navigating Direct Sales: An Interview with Brandi Goodman

Dual marketing companies (part of the direct sales industry)** have developed reputations that would steer the most ambitious and determined professional running away in the opposite direction in fear of being scammed or joining a pyramid scheme. What on earth then, drives not only the interest but avid loyalty of Mary Kay consultants? Today Independent Beauty Consultant Brandi Goodman divulges about her passion for beauty and skincare, working with Mary Kay and how she juggles this side hustle with her 'day job'! 

D&Co:  Okay, here we go. Last meal?

BG:  Tofu stir fry 


D&Co:  Tea or coffee?

BG: I've always been a tea drinker and tried so hard not to rely on coffee, but after eight years as an elementary school teacher I finally started drinking coffee...survival! 


D&Co:  Early bird or night owl?

BG: Definitely a night owl! 


D&Co:  Would you let us blast your latest Spotify playlist over the office speakers, or in your case over the school PA? Yes or no?

BG:  Office speakers, yes. School PA, no! Way too much 90's/early 2000's hip hop! However, since I made the playlist for our end of the year faculty party, all versions are clean! 


Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and share your personal experience with my readers! So for all of my readers -- Brandi and I go all the way back to third grade when I was the new kid at Green Elementary and Brandi became my friend. Brandi, you've been up to a lot since the third grade! You're currently at teacher in California. What grade or subject do you currently teach? What inspired you to become a teacher? 

Yes, we do go way back! We even went on our high school senior year spring break trip together! I currently live in Los Angeles and teach fourth grade at a private school in Bel Air. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but never knew this would be my dream job! I have a view of Catalina Island from my desk...not bad! 


Teaching is such an honorable career choice. You have an incredible opportunity to make a direct and positive difference in someone's life. Being a teacher requires massive dedication, which I know you have as you ALSO run a side hustle with your other passion - beauty and skincare! Firstly, what inspired you to start out a side hustle? What drew you into beauty and skincare?

Teaching is all about passion, and my main goal in life is to put passion into what I do each and every day. Although I love teaching and will never leave this field, I wanted another outlet that involved something I am passionate about, which is what led me to skincare. I have always found that having a skincare regimen that works made me feel good about myself, inside and out, so I wanted to help other women feel the same way. 


What drew you into becoming a Mary Kay consultant? Did you have any apprehensions about working for a direct sales** company?

When Mary Kay Ash started her business almost 55 years ago her goal was to empower woman, so I couldn't think of a better company to be a part of. There is a reason why the company has only grown over those 55 works! 

kaboompics_Beautician putting on make-up on a blonde woman.jpg

"I have always found that having a skincare regimen that works made me feel good about myself, inside and out, so I wanted to help other women feel the same way."


Do you have any tips for our readers on how to manage your time with a day job AND growing a successful side hustle?

My advice would be to pick set times during the week where you work on your side hustle and stick to them! Also, make sure it's something that you are passionate about...don't just do it for the money! 


Are there any things that you've learned from your teaching profession that you apply to your work with Mary Kay -- and vice versa?

Passion! I have endless love and passion for my career in teaching, and am falling in love with Mary Kay as we speak! 

If you go back in time 5 years, what would be one piece of advice you give yourself?

Start working for Mary Kay now! Also, don't take things so personally. It's usually not about you :)


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with D&Co and give our readers such helpful tips! Do you have any final advice to share with our readers?

When starting your own business everyone is excited to support you at the beginning. A few months in, when you've already taken advantage of all your internal resources, don't give up! It may seem like you're tapped out of ways to gain new clients, but when there's a will, there's a way!


Michigan-native, Brandi Goodman lives her life with passion whether she is teaching a classroom, advising clients on the best skincare regimen or taking care of her adorable pup! Currently based in Los Angeles, Brandi teaches fourth grade at a private school whilst simultaneously growing a successful side hustle as an Independent Beauty Consultant for direct selling cosmetic conglomerate, Mary Kay. Brandi holds a Master's from Loyola Marymount University and a Bachelor's degree from Eastern Michigan University. 

** Correction was made on 19 June 2018. Mary Kay is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) but rather a dual marketing company which is part of the direct sales industry.