Now, more than ever, your business can truly be successful. You have the knowledge and capabilities to drive your services. Think of Dalziel & Company as your outsourced marketing department. Discover the many ways we can work together to grow your brand:

1:1 Consultation (6 months)


Working directly with Jessica, you will be guided through a step-by-step plan of action to cut through the noise, establish or articulate your identity and create your strategic marketing guidelines. You will also receive insights and feedback specific to your plan, worksheets as well as email support. This program is ideal for action-oriented entrepreneurs who don't know where to begin -- and want to learn. Six month minimum required, you must be available for biweekly consultations.


peer advisory group



Being a small business owner can be very isolating (even if you have a staff!). D&Co has been in business for a few years and part of our success can be directly attributed to the support and help that founder, Jess received from her incredible network of professional peers from around the world. She formalized this program for experienced, action-oriented, driven professionals with a vested interest in their company's success. Each cohort (of up to 6 people from around the world) meets once a month (1 hour session) through video conferencing. Space is extremely limited.  


1:1 intensive work session


During this private work session, Jessica will lead you through an intensive evaluation of your brand; articulation of your unique selling point; and evaluations of your current marketing tactics, identifying areas to optimize or new opportunities.  At the end of this consultation, you will have an elevated awareness of your brand. We will follow up after the session and provide you with an actionable worksheet capturing our discussion points and recommended next steps. Due to the personalized nature of this work session, spaces are very limited. 

strategic marketing guidelines


With this option, you will hand over the reins to our trusted experts and in turn, we will provide you with an actionable, comprehensive strategic marketing guidelines report. With your input we will analyze your industry, positioning and existing customer base, identifying new segmenting opportunities as needed. Our detailed guidelines includes tactics that you can implement immediately, as well as larger, long-term goals. This service is ideal for small business owners who are looking for our experts to create a cohesive marketing strategy ASAP. 


Marketing strategy review


Maybe you already have an awesome strategy in place -- but you'd like someone to take a second-look before you launch with those plans. Maybe you have a draft and want to get some additional feedback before completing your strategy? Don't worry, the team at D&Co can help.  Marketing strategies are our bedtime stories. We love what we do and we want to share it with you.

Creative services


Over the past decade, Dalziel & Company founder Jessica has managed complex operations for international brands. Along the way, she built a diverse network of highly skilled experts from around the world with the mission: to grow your brand. Leveraging Jessica's experience and network, she saves you time and money while maintaining the high-level quality and integrity of the creative work by strategically outsourcing to our hand-selected trusted experts.

Not ready to dive into one of our programs yet? Check out the D&Co Library with a ton of resources for you →