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Whether you’re a small business owner (even if you have a staff!) or taking on more of a leadership role within an organization; it can be very isolating.

D&Co has been in business for a few years and part of our success can be directly attributed to the support and help that founder, Jess received from her incredible network of professional peers. Eager to bring this support to as many people as possible, she formalized this program by establishing small, private cohorts of highly professional (industry agnostic) experts with complementary skills and experience levels.

Once a month, we meet to discuss challenges in our business that we’re currently facing or to even get a second opinion.


Here’s how the Peer Advisory Group works:

  • After you join, you’ll be placed in an intimate cohort of professional experts. There are about 5-6 people per group. The groups are industry agnostic (each professional has about 12-15 years experience on average).

  • Once a month for one hour, we all meet on Google Hangouts video chat and discuss a topic that we’ve all previously agreed upon, share wins or discuss specific questions any member has.

  • Conversations are carried over on a private Slack channel & you can contribute as often as you’d like. You can chat with your private cohort AND every member of the program!

  • We recently introduced optional monthly ‘all cohort’ sessions where we bring in expert speakers or give an opportunity to network amongst all members.

You will have access to a full year of membership in the D&Co Peer Advisory Group!

The investment is $99 USD per month. Please note that your card will be charged once you submit payment details and will be billed monthly for 12 months on the date of the first payment.

We are now accepting members to join Cohorts 5 and 6! Click on the button below:

... a cross between group therapy, an executive roundtable and in the end, if you’re lucky, it leads to friendship.

Hear what the lovely Elizabeth of Ask E Anything has to say about the Peer Advisory Group!

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COHORT 6 | Launching in August 2019

By submitting payment, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of D&Co.

Hear what existing cohort participants have to say:


“When you are part of a small but growing consultancy it can be difficult to find time to learn from others. That's certainly true for me. Yet, between focussing on clients and finding solutions for the business I often find myself wondering what other entrepreneurs in my situation would do. This is where Dalziel & Co and the Peer Advisory Group comes in.

Our regular video conferencing calls bring together business leaders and entrepreneurs that openly share their highs, lows and learnings so that we can all walk away with a slice of new knowledge. The meetings are incredibly valuable to me and as they are just an hour long and I can attend remotely, I never have a reason not to attend.”

Evelyn Wolf
Co-founder of BusinessBrew
Dublin, Ireland


The Peer Advisory Group has been such a godsend! I went from being a pre-startup too scared to make the jump to having my business be open and running way sooner than I ever thought. And I've already made my first sale on Day 1! I truly can't thank you and my cohort team enough. This Peer Advisory Group is brilliant and I'm blessed to be a part of it. Thank you!

Erin Covert
Owner of Studio for Mindfulness | Meditation Instructor
Detroit, MI


“I really enjoyed my first meeting, I learned so much just in that short hour.  I'm like a sponge and will soak up any and all knowledge, tips and feedback that I can :-) This is such a valuable service and I'm so glad you are offering it!

Lisa Galletti
Owner of Lisa Galletti, Social Media Curator
Northern California

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I just love what you're doing and I'm so proud of you! I felt so inspired after our first session!

Lisa Hunt
EA to CEO of Private Wealth Management Firm
Chicago, IL


Drop your email in the form here and I would be happy to contact you directly and schedule time to discuss this program or any questions you might have. By submitting your email here, you will not be added to any kind of email marketing lists.