Need ways to get more Instagram followers?

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A client of ours was specifically looking to get more Instagram followers. We were delighted to come across this article on Forbes by Jayson DeMers, outlining 50 free ways to increase your Instagram followers. We were even more excited when our initial recommendations to this client were justified through this article. In having executed some of these recommendations on our own, here are just a few that we found to be quite effective:

  • #12 and #15 Ask questions in the captions of your photos and have a clear call to action in the post. Why? People will be more likely to engage when you clearly invite them to do so.
  • #19: Use geotagging, particularly for small businesses.
  • #23: Ask an influencer to tag or mention your product (or brand). We’ve personally seen this to be very effective in terms of increasing the number of followers on Instagram.
  • #35 and #36: Promote your Instagram handle on other marketing materials (i.e. print or email). So simple, yet overlooked so many times.

Here are a few that we found to be pretty interesting and are worth exploring more:

  • #10: Using the Mayfair filter
  • #27: Use faces in your photos. This can be particularly challenging for product brands that aren’t necessarily human, but if you can figure out a way to creatively make it more human - you’ll see the results.
  • #32: Invite a guest to post on your account.


Have you implemented any of these ways to increase your followers? If so, what were the results?


Click here for the original article from Forbes.