D&Co Recommends: YouCanBook.me

Ever run into that situation where one simple, 'Are you available on Monday at 2:00p?' email turns into a thread that probably lasts longer that the meeting itself? YouCanBook.me solves that! A simple integration with Google Calendar and you can easily outline your available times so clients and prospects can conveniently book time with you. 

D&Co uses YouCanBook.me to help facilitate booking of our 30 minute 1:1 consultations.  We use this tool for both our free and paid consultation offerings, although we don't accept payments from YouCanBook.Me (we simply use this as part of the thank you/ confirmation page after a payment was submitted via Memberful). We use the free version and it does still have the YouCanBook.me branding at the bottom of the screen. 

Here is how we've implemented YouCanBook.Me:

What scheduling tool do you use? Comment below!