#MotivationMonday Tip No. 1

I see you out there. You’re doing all the ‘right’ things. To your social following you’re incredibly poised. You have it all together. But, behind the scenes you know all too well the challenges that a small business owner faces. You know the uneasy feeling about not knowing exactly where or when or if your next paycheck is coming because you’re still putting those ‘systems’ in place (only about 30 free webinars ago). You do have a good thing going but you know there’s even more that is meant for you. All you want is someone to chat with about your business. Who will listen. Who won’t tell you to get a ‘real job’ or someone who will even take you seriously if you haven’t quit your 9-5 yet.

You don’t have to go it alone.

#MotivationMonday Tip: You do not have to go it alone. Even if you’re not able to join the D&Co Peer Advisory Group (please do email me if there is something holding you back, I’m quite flexible with the program). If there is one thing we have learned in this program is that whether you’re running your own business, managing a side company, working for someone else or trying to make a transitions - we all go through the same things. Find your tribe or join ours — we’d love to have you.

I’m accepting new members to the D&Co Peer Advisory Group, which is comprised of nearly 30 professionals (and growing) from all over the world who meet once a month on video conference and interact ongoing on a private Slack channel. Erin has been a member of the group for several months now and said, “… I went from being a pre-startup too scared to make the jump to having my business be open and running way sooner than I ever thought! And I've already made my first sale on Day 1…”