#MotivationMonday Tip No. 2

I see you out there. Knowing deep down that there’s something more. Knowing that where you’re at in your career right now is not where you’re supposed to be for the long haul. There’s something else out there you know you’re meant to be doing. That little voice in the back of your head that’s telling you, “there’s more than this”.

Sometimes closing the door on activities that no longer serve you can help you open up the door to new opportunities you didn't even realize existed. Figuring that out is nearly impossible when you are engrained with the day to day of your business or current career.

#MotivationMonday Tip: If you are working for a firm full time and are seeking to build your own side business and/or make the transition from your full-time career to your ‘side’ hustle business, try this out:

  • Map out exactly how many clients you would need to replace your current full-time income.

  • Analyze if you need to adjust your pricing to make your goal more realistic (whilst also understanding market rates).

  • Then, set realistic targets for yourself each week to stay on track with new client acquisition.

I know, it sounds much more simple in theory than in practice, but if you have a target it makes your goal much, much more of a reality. Keep going. You got this.

And if not, let D&Co help you out. Learn how we have helped many businesses (or even ideas) just like yours establish clear strategies and tactics necessary for success.