#MotivationMonday Tip No. 3

"To be simple is to be great"

We hear phrases about simplicity thrown around in life & particularly in business. But, what does this actually mean? How does that translate to your business? Trying to crack the code for how to simplify your message, operations, daily to-do list, service offering, and so on --- is nearly impossible without a solid strategy in place. No joke, when you have really landed on what your business truly means and the value you create for the world, the rest will literally fall into place.

Decisions become easier. Your message becomes clearer. Your focus will become stronger. You will lose the doubt that you might've once had in yourself and in your business and you'll step into being the business owner that you know deep down, you already are

#MotivationMonday Tip: How the heck do you figure out exactly what you’re supposed to be doing? Sometimes that is the hardest part and we can spend years thinking we know it until we really dig deep and ask those difficult questions that get us closer to this answer. So many people will ask you what is your passion? Sometimes this is helpful, but sometimes your passion might not be profitable! Here are a few alternative ideas to help:

  • Think through your career and write down the things (e.g. tasks, activities, projects, etc.) that you absolutely loved doing and also, write down why you loved doing that. Walk away for a little while (maybe even a day or two) and then come back and read through your list. Are there any consistencies? Perhaps you found something you never realized before.

  • If you are currently in a career, think back about why you selected this career. You could have done anything in the world! Your answer isn’t only that this was the only career where jobs were ‘available’. Why did you pick this? Perhaps you’ll uncover a little more about your ‘why’ there.

  • Lastly, talk about it with someone. Sometimes, when you have to explain why you picked your career or what you liked about it - your brain figures out how to articulate it when you have to explain it to someone else.

If you’ve tried the tips above but are still seeking some help — and you’re ready to get clarity, focus and streamline your activities; if you're ready to free up your tasks that are keeping you busy but on a treadmill of forward movement; if you're ready to step into owning your business instead of it owning you - read through how our private, 1:1 six month consultation program will help your individual brand thrive.